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Our prices exclude GST, the final invoice will be the agreed price plus GST.


50% Deposit paid upfront and the balance including any 3rd party subscriptions will be due on completion.


All sites and domains remain the property of TLD until they are paid for in full.



We will not share your details or any of your IP with any third party.


*If you choose a managed hosting account, we will keep your WordPress, Themes and Plugins up to date by clicking update just as you would. Our management software alerts us when anything needs updating to remain secure. Often this is several times per week for security as leaving old versions or forgetting to update often leaves you open to hacking! We do not take responsibility if any updates cause issues, broken sites etc. This would have happened to you as well! However, we can usually help you fix this if it ever happens. It is rare that updates cause issues, however, if you install or use unsupported plugins or themes, this greatly increases the chance of problems and we recommend you use only up to date and fully supported software!